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The Letter-Friends

Here you find the presentation of another action book "The Letter-friends" by Susanne Sariyannis.

The smooth a,

the fluffy g,

the ripply i,

the raw l and

the spongy m

play hide and seek.


Which letter

has hidden itself

in the purse?

Do you know it?


Oops. Who has

hidden itself behind

behind the curtain?

Can you gues it?


Which letter shell

hide in the


You can deside.


In the bagy

one leeter

has made itself

at home.

Do you know

its name?



all letters

disapeared inot

the tunnel.

Can you find them?


Whoops, which

little letter

has hidden itself


Do you know already

its name?


It is late

already. All


go home.

Tomorow they

will play again

with each other.