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New tactile books

Die geheimnisvolle Spur


by Susannne Sariyannis


book_secret track


book_secret track_car


Felix finds
on the way in the forest
a misterious
Where may this trace guide you?

book_secret track_path



He follows the trace to
a grassland besides
the e-way
to a mound,
in wich lives
a little mole.

book_secret track_mole



The sand way
comes to a
barn. In this
barn there are
some things to discover.

book_secret track_barn



The misterous
trace goes the
g-way to
a zebra crossing.
Attention, there
comes a car.

book_secret track_crosswalk



Felix lives
in the f-street.
The trace ends
exactly in front of the
front door. In the house
Ben is already
waiting with a

book_secret track_house



fir tree
under his arm.
Can you help Felix
and Ben
to decorate
the christmass tree?

book_secret track_tree



But where does
the misterous trace
come from?
Felix points laughing
to Bens dirty

book_secret track_shoes

book_secret track_last page