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Books for the Development T Typhlography

In Slovakia three exerzise books for the tactile education of blind children were developed.

The Slovakian tactile education program consists of three exercise books. The Images are printed on foil. Every volume has a methodological handbook in wich parents and teachers are guided how to work with the material. All books are based on the authors* personal professional experience. The books can also be used in work with children with multible handicaps.


Exercise book – part 1 by Šarlota Múdra


The volume is part of the preparatory phase of blind children to read texts and recognice images; The exerzices train the children to


- follow tactile lines

Cvivebnica tyflografiky-vol 1-page 11Cvivebnica tyflografiky-vol 1-page 2










- investigate and navigate on a page


Cvivebnica tyflografiky-vol 1-page 22Cvivebnica tyflografiky-vol 1-page 4










- recognice the direction of arrows and other lines


Cvivebnica tyflografiky-vol 1-page 3Cvivebnica tyflografiky-vol 1-page 14











Exercise book – part 2 by Eva Halásová


It follows the first part and traind the children to


- distinguish different surfaces

Cvivebnica tyflografiky-vol 3-page 1










- know geometric shapes


Cvivebnica tyflografiky-vol 2-page 4










- distinguish between different and the same shapes


Cvivebnica tyflografiky-vol 2-page 3









- use of geometric shapes as elements of more differenciated images


Cvivebnica tyflografiky-vol 2-page 14










Exercise book – part 3 by Viera Kamenická


The volume aims on preparing blind children to drawing pictures by following lines on foil. It trains the children to


- of what simple elements images are built

Cvivebnica tyflografiky-vol 3-page 5










- how to place visual elements on the desktop


Cvivebnica tyflografiky-vol 3-page 1










- how to combine multiple images on the desktop


Cvivebnica tyflografiky-vol 3-page 21Cvivebnica tyflografiky-vol 3-page 10










Each picture in the book is shown twice. The first page shows the picture with raised tactile lines and on the second the lines are like graved. So the child can feel the lines on the first page like a pattern and can follow them with the pencil on the second page. The drawings start by simple lines and shapes and become more differenciated page by page up to pictures.