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Základní škola, Opava, Havlíčkova 1 Příspěvková organizace (ZRAK)

Základní škola, Opava, Havlíčkova 1 Příspěvková organizace (ZRAK)
Havlíčkova 1 - 746 01 Opava - Czek Republic

Web: - Mail:
:   00420/553-622-904 - Fax:: 00420/55-622-904


Responsable for the EVEIL-Project:

Kateřina Prchalová,

Phone:   00420/553-622-904 - Fax:: 00420/553-622-904       

The school is focused on the visual impaired students and propose s the basic education (primary school) according to the legal training program, and respects the transmission system


Students come during all the school year for diagnosis.


The internal organization of the school allows the education of disabled children (with low vision, partially sighted, blind), also with all kinds of disabilities.

The education for pupils with other disabilities is provided by individual planning according to the needs of students.


The learning process is based on personalized approaches made possible by the size of classes (6-14 students).

For students with visual impairment, it means individual tyflopedagogic care (learning of Braille, manipulation with optical instruments, investigation of the orientation in space and autonomous movement, self service). The school organizes preventive medical visits by the doctor (ophthalmologist) and the nurse.


A Center of Specific Education was created near the school (CSE), which sets up the integration of children, pupils studying in “classic” schools.

The center provides activities for diagnosis, therapy, training and advice for visually impaired people and people with problems to speak from 3 to 18 years, for their parents and staff of schools.


The school implements educational activities with blind and partially sighted children and with children with speech disabilities.