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Newsletter 04

EVEIL - “Innovating pedagogical approaches for the early development of visually impaired children involving their parents”



EVEIL is an international project organized by six European partners and financed by the program COMENIUS of the European Union.


The project aims on creating a network of professionals in the field of pre-reading activities for blind and partially sighted children.




EVEIL invites you as persons working in this field to take part at this network.




On the EVEIL-website you can find actual information about the work of the project. The site is in English, French, German, Romanian, Czech and Slovak.






Workshops with children in Slovakia



Following the example of a method developed by FAF in France (cf the newsletter n°2 and the presentation on the EVEIL website), the Slovak partner has developed conceptualization and pre-reading courses for blind and partially sighted preschool children, using a children’s book.


The chosen story is “The Very Tiny Doll”, by Marie-Hélène Delval and first published as “La très petite poupée”  ©  Bayard Editions, 2009.




Four workshops were prepared and animated in 2011, by a 10-member team formed by educational and economic employees (special pedagogues, a school psychologist, and a nursery teacher).




5 children (4 girls and one boy), aging from 5 to 6 years, attended the workshops. Two of them were blind and three of them had low vision.




The staff has conceived a progressive series of language and exploratory activities in order to allow the children to make those words and situations their own. Materials wore selected, and bought to prepare the pedagogic kit.




Each workshop had a main subject : the story and the main character, the nature, the doll in the story, haptic book and motor activities.




The workshops were organized in order to support the interactions, to develop the child's relationship to the book and literary works, to listen with understanding and emotional involvement to children stories, to express themselves orally to support the appropriation to the story, to discover the main character, …







Tactile books were produced by two kindergarten teachers, the book was suposed to meet the the following criteria:


-         selection of an appropriate format and text book,


-         choice of representation techniques, images, materials, layout printed and Braille,


practical handling and aesthetics.




Each child got one haptic book at the end of the workshops.




Please visit the EVEIL website


Here you can read the pedagogical report of the workshops in Slovakia and of similar workshop in Czek Republic and Romania.


Contact to the coordinator of the EVEIL-Project


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