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EVEIL Newsletter 02

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Dear Sir or Madame,


EVEIL is an international project organized by six European partners and financed by the COMENIUS program of the European Union.


The EVEIL project helps young children with visually impairment get a better access to reading and writing, to books, newspapers and other sources of information. Improving the literacy of visually impaired children will help them  take part in society more effectively and with greater ease, and fully enjoy culture as well as become independent and responsible European citizens.


The project aims at creating a network of professionals in the field of pre-reading activities for blind and partially sighted children.


EVEIL invites you as specialists working in this field to get involved in this network.


On the EVEIL-website you can find current information about the work of the project. The site is in English, French, German, Romanian, Czech and Slovak.


In the Board section of the website you can discuss with the EVEIL partners and with each other activities in pre-reading.


The link for this section is:



Discovery workshops for blind and partially sighted children


In this newsletter 02 we present you a methode that is base and starting point of the activities in the EVEIL project.


Through 5 workshops of two hours each, the children, ageing from 4 and half to 6 years old could make varied and complementary perceptive experiments, by haptic exploration in natural size, and/or out of model or miniature of objects and elements quoted in the story, they benefited from a teaching support from adults to comment on these perceptions, to connect them between each other.


Around the story called L’écharpe de Polochon , © Bayard Éditions : they could discover the shape and the texture of the animals quoted in the history by tactile exploration of very realistic cuddly toys, rabbit, squirrel, bear, exploration of representations of birds natural size, polystyrene and feathers + sleeping bag, explorations always supported by the language and with accompanying notes.


They could touch, explore, demolish a faggot of small branches, understand what it is and for what that is used, to reconstitute it. The children could touch, explore, handle, smell logs of different woods, to reconstitute the wood heap under which are hidden the animals while also working on the concept of “hidden”, they could make a fire (in the court, they thus could crease the newspaper, break the small branches, put pine cones, gather the elements in the hearth, listen to the noise of the matches, listen to the sounds of the various stages of growth of fire, smell the odors, to feel heat…).


The children could discover a hood in wicker (especially manufactured with the size of the children by the workshop of basket making of the institute), to test it, to fill it, walk with, to understand the function of it; to listen and distinguish on CD the cries from animals and songs from birds, etc…


In the 5th workshop the children get a book with the story in braille and large print designed tactile by different materials and also visually appealing.


Find a detailled description of the discovery workshops here:


Do you have such methodes or experiences in prereading and conceptualisation for blind and partially sighted children tell this in the EVEIL board. We would be pleased to publish also your innovative ideas.




Project coordinator: Céline Chabot

(Fédération des Aveugles et Handicapés Visuels de France)

Phone: 0033 1 44429191