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The very little doll

The very little doll by Marie-Hélène Delval is published as „La très petite poupée“ ©  Bayard Editions, 2009


Pre-school children worked with this story in discovery workshops in Romania, Slovakia and Czek Rebublic. In the fifth and last sesion each participant receaved a tactile version of the book.


See here how the different types of books were made in the sequence: Romania, Slovakia, Czek Republic:


The story


Tastbuch_ld it_Titel









Tastbuch_little doll it_Mädchen mit Puppe











In the park a girl does rope skipping. A doll falls out of the pocket of her jacket.



Tastbuch_little doll it_Mädchen springt Seillittle doll_Kind mit Puppe 2

Tastbuch_little doll_Mädchen mit Puppe in Tasche














The girl goes home and the doll remains unnoticed on the flour.



little doll_Mädchenpuppe auf dem Boden

little doll_Puppe liegt auf dem Boden

Tastbuch_little doll_Puppe und Tasche













At night it starts to rain and the doll hides unter the roots of a chestnut tree.



little doll_Mädchenpuppe am Baum

Tastbuch_little doll_Puppe im Regen















It makes a broom and cleans its concealment.


little doll_Mädchenpuppe mit Besen

Tastbuch_little doll_Puppe mit Besen und Schirm














By a match and a bonbon paper she makes an umbrella.


little doll_Mädchenpuppe mit Bonbonschirm

little doll_Baum mit Besen und Schirmlittle doll_Zaun mit Federn und Bonbonpapier














She finds dry Leafs under a bank and some feathers. Under a swinging coard she finds an old glove.



little doll_Vogel über Bank


little doll_Schaukel

little doll_Federn unter der Bank





She looks for things to make her new house convenient.


little doll_Mädchenpuppe im Blätterbett

little doll_Puppe schläft im Blätterbett

Tastbuch_little doll_Puppe im Nest














In the morning it lies down as a not living doll where it was lost the day before.



little doll_Puppe liegt auf dem Boden




The girl comes and feels pitty for the doll lying all night in the rain.


Tastbuch_little doll_Mädchen mit Puppe














The doll laughs about this, but the girl doesn't notice.