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Pfeifi 5: „Five little things“

Pfeifi 5: „Five little things“

with Pfeifi and Korkus

(to the melody of „Ten little ...“)



Text and idea:

Annette Strack, Pädagogische Frühförderung für blinde und sehbehinderte Kinder, Diakonisches Werk für Frankfurt am Main des Evangelischen Regionalverbandes

Photos: Alexander Sell


Page 1


Five very little things

clinging to a band

five very little things

do not need a hand


Clothes-peg and a key,

Pfeifi, Korkus, rubber band,

these five little things

are clinging to that band.


Page 2


The rubber band is pretty tired,

It lays down as a circle

It has just walked off,

which nobody knows.


Page 3


Four very little things

are hanging still around.

Pfeifi feels a little bored

so he bends himself.


Page 4


The clothes-peg is clinging now

into the cleaning cloth.

The cloth gets a fright

and loudly shouts “Oops!“


Three very little things

are still at the band:

Key, Pfeifi, Korkus

swing clinging to the band


Page 5


Now the key has disappeared,

it crawls through a hole

into a little box,

nonetheless I’ll find it.


Page 6


Two very little things

are now just alone.

Korkus here and Pfeifi there

it looks like they love it.


Page 7


Pfeifi here and Korkus there

are taking now the band

and put it pretty tidily,

far to the edge.


Page 8


Korkus says to Pfeifi

„Come, let’s build a house!

The walls will be made of band,

Doesn’t that look great?”


Korkus cuts out a door

with his craft scissors,

above he also quickly cuts

two windows in the wall.


Page 9


Pfeifi is sitting in a window now

looking out of his new house.

Korkus sits in the other window,

the story is at an end. 


They both wave …

to you!


Would you also like to build a house?

With windows, doors and a roof?

What else does your house have?


Materials for the Pfeifi-book „Five little things"


-        11 pages bound book (large spiral binding, pages made of card board) plus transparent cover and back page

-        power adhesive

-        Scotch tape and glue stick

-        6 meters present band or rope

-        6 pipe cleaners

-        6 bottle caps

-        4 keys

-        1 flat box with whole

-        3 clothes-pegs

-        2 elastic bands

-        1 cleening cloth

-        1 roof of corrugated board to turn


Craft tips

-        The pages will be bound to a book. (Tip: binding, e.g. in a copy shop, before glueing)

-        The spiral binding should be extremely loose in order to have enough clearance for the objects and for turning the pages over.

-        Let a plastic folio bind as protection cover before the first and after the last page.

-        For some children more robust card boards might be proper. If those cannot be bound, you can also file them in a folder.

-        The texts are to be cut out and glued onto the pages.

-        Once the book is opened, the texts shall always be on the left page, the figures and items always on the right page.

-        For blind children it is suitable to have the texts translated into Braille and to glue the Braille text in addition to the black scripture.

-        The items are to be glued onto the pages with power adhesive and Scotch tape.

-        For partially sighted children it is recommended to design the books visually stimulating and rich in contrast.


Find here a PDF-file with images of the book.