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Eveil Newsletter 05

Conference in Dublin


The transnational EVEIL Comenius conference was held in Dublin (Ireland) from 20th to 21st of September 2012.

The main objective of the international conference was the presentation and dissemination of results of the workshops with parents organized in Ireland, Germany, Slovakia and Czech Republic, to the EVEIL network.


Parents had expressed a need for an understanding of the cognitive development of children and specifically the implications for vision impaired children.  They also expressed a range of other concerns which included:

  • Making reading more fun
  • Understanding the children’s vision
  • Peer support for parents
  • Learning about tactile graphics and how to adapt books
  • Support for parents to learn braille before child has reading/writing competence
  • Double format braille and print books in order to read together with the child


The workshops were planned on the basis of feedback from the parent survey also partners’s approach to the social and cognitive development of vision impaired children. 


Irish and German partners organize 2 days workshops, with the children, their parents and brothers & sisters. Based on one or two stories, many activities were organized for the children to discover new words, concepts, … and for sharing special moments with their parents.






They learn how to create books (audio or tactile), how to imagine activities linked with the story, …











The Czech partner creates a methodology guide, in order to support parents to create such tactile books.


The Slovak partner create a video, that provides a methodological guidance how to create tactile pictures.


Please visit the EVEIL website

You can read the pedagogical report of the workshops in Ireland, Germany, Slovakia and Czech Republic.